Search Options

There are 3 types of searches on the RIHN website. Basic Search, Browse By’s and Advanced Search.

Basic Search 

  • Basic Search starts in the white Search bar located on the Home Page.
  • Less is more when it comes to starting a successful Search. Entering unique and specific words or a short phrase is more effective than longer descriptions. Use quotation marks (“ ”)  around words or phrases to search for exact terms. Here are examples:

TMI (Too Much Information)

Address at the Rhode Island Historical Society in the 1930’s about the state’s Declaration of Independence

Less is More (Key Words or Short Phrase)


Browse By’s

  • You can also start your search using the Browse By subject areas. You can find these under Browse in the navigation in the drop down menu 
  • Browse By’s subjects are also in the image tiles on the Home Page.

Viewing and Narrowing Your Search Results

  • By default, your Search Results will be listed by Title. Use the dropdown under Sort By  if you want them listed by different criteria, such as Date Published.
  • Use one or more of the Filters listed on the left to narrow your search.

Advanced Search

  • Advanced Search can be accessed on the Home Page and Search Results Pages.
  • You can narrow your search in Advanced Search Criteria. Start by using the dropdown to choose a criteria you would like to use to narrow your search such as Author and Contributors.
  • Next, fill in the information relevant to the criteria in the white field next to it, such as the author’s name.
  • Then select Contains or Do Not Contain using the drop down.
  • You can add as many criteria as you would like by Clicking on Add another search criterion.
  • When you are finished adding criteria, click Search.